The Ultimate Real Estate Value Add Project: Flipping a Single Family Home Into Multiple Separate Units!

Many people who flip houses or invest in real estate properties always want to find ways to add value to their rental property to bring in more cash flow or value appreciation. Marinelle Guting, an investor and female construction expert from Long Beach California, did exactly that with her property!

The Concept of a Value-Add Property

A value-add properties are under-utilized real estate investment properties that have not yet reached their full potential in terms of value. This type of property is perfect for real estate investors who are looking to increase a property’s value and cash flow by finding a higher and better use or making improvements to that asset.

The Story Behind Marinelle’s Value-Add Project

Marinelle Guting is not like ordinary real estate investors who flip value add properties. In her first and most recent real estate house flip project, she turned a single family home into three separate units, an amazing accomplishment!

We interviewed her and went over how she did it along with tips and advice for anyone looking to invest in real estate and flip houses for a living.

We talked about:

1:06​ – Her previous occupation before becoming an investor
1:29​ – What inspired her to start the project
2:12​ – Investment goals and initial concerns
3:02​ – The concept of adding value to a property
4:28​ – How she got started in real estate investing
5:42​ – How she structured the deal
7:19​ – What kind of loan she acquired
7:39​ – Financing the construction of the value-add project
10:13​ – How this project helps the California housing crisis
10:50​ – Working with the City of Long Beach during a pandemic
11:41​ – Timeline of the project
12:07​ – The role of hard work and dedication for investors
13:19​ – Things that went wrong and right
15:27​ – Why aren’t more women in construction
17:44​ – Learn from these key mistakes

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