Effortlessly find and analyze the best real estate deals on the market.

Stop wasting time and worrying about missing out on an investment deal with our Deal Investigator algorithm to instantly and accurately identify deals using advanced data science for FREE.

Real Estate Investing, Reimagined.

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The biggest challenge of any real estate investor is finding good deals, yet most investors can’t even clearly describe what a good real estate investment deal looks like. Plus it takes a lot of time and effort to analyze an investment property to determine whether it’s a good deal or not.

You’ve probably signed up for a real estate broker’s newsletter to receive “automatic” email updates, but they don’t really provide completely objective information. The Deal Investigator will help you change the way you invest in real estate.

Wall Street grade AI at your fingertips.

The utility of our Deal Investigator is unparalleled. You’ll have the capability to instantly identify whenever a great deal hits the market or run a complete financial analysis on any active investment property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Fast and Accurate Analysis

Instantly get insights on the complete financial analysis of hundreds of investment properties on the market. No other brokerage offers a better solution for investors!

Find Deals Based on Metrics

Whether it's Cash-on-Cash Return, Gross Rent Multiplier, Capitalization Rate or Price per Unit, you can find and compare deals based on your preference.

Analyze Properties by Zip Code

Find or sort the data by Zip Code to quickly identify patterns and trends in different cities or areas. Get comprehensive insights and comparisons on various neighborhoods.

How Deal Investigator Works

Step 1
All the active and coming soon property data is exported from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
Step 2
The data passes through our proprietary INVESTigator Algorithm for a fully detailed financial analysis.
Step 3
The output information is reviewed by our team of analysts and ranked based on our Sage 5-2-1 formula for an extra layer of accuracy.
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The Deal Investigator is a FREE service that we offer to our real estate investor clients. In order to take advantage of this unique tool, all you have to do is sign up for our VIP Investor Resources.