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Featured on CNN: Lack of new housing and the Impact of Rising Costs on Tenants

Real estate expert Juan Huizar was featured in a CNN video discussing the significant challenges tenants face due to rising rental costs. The segment highlighted the alarming trend of increasing rental prices and the risk of eviction for tenants facing financial setbacks, especially in Southern California.

Huizar provided insights into the complexities of building new housing, citing high land acquisition and construction costs, and stringent regulations as major barriers for developers. This limited supply of rental units drives up competition and prices.

Despite high housing costs, Huizar does not foresee a market bust. The market’s stability and low vacancy rates indicate persistent demand, further pressuring tenants. The CNN feature underscored the urgent need for solutions to make housing more affordable and accessible, aiming to spark conversations and drive action towards a balanced housing market in Southern California.

Sage Real Estate Duo Secures Seats on Board of Apartment Association

Thrilled to announce that our very own Juan Huizar and Caleb Baldwin are now board members of the Apartment Association of California Southern Cities, appointed by Mayor Rex Richardson at the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach! We strive to provide value for apartment owners and real estate investors in every way possible. We are excited for what’s in store!

Juan Huizar Releases Inspiring Mini-Documentary Highlighting His Upbringing

Lemoore, CA – [Aug, 2021] – Juan Huizar announces the release of a mini-documentary about his upbringing and the challenges his family faced as immigrant workers. The film traces Huizar’s journey from working in the garlic fields of Lemoore, CA, at age nine to his current success. This documentary highlights the resilience and determination that defined his family’s struggle for a better future. Huizar hopes his story inspires others to reflect on their motivations and hard work.

I am proud to share my family’s story through this documentary,” said Huizar. “I hope it reminds people of the strength that comes from adversity.

Sage Launches Mortgage Lending Division

Sage Real Estate is excited to announce its official launch, bringing a new era of full-service mortgage lending to individuals and investors alike. With a mission to help clients build wealth through homeownership and real estate investing, Sage Trust Mortgage offers a comprehensive suite of mortgage services tailored to meet diverse financial goals.

We understand that purchasing a home or investing in real estate is one of the most significant financial decisions people make. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized lending solutions, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor. We aim to simplify the mortgage process, offering competitive rates and expert guidance every step of the way.” Juan Huizar, President, Sage Real Estate. 

For more information about Sage Trust Mortgage and how we can assist you in your journey toward homeownership and real estate investing, please visit our Sage Trust Mortgage Page (below).

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6 questions with multifamily investor and broker Juan Huizar

Real estate investor and YouTuber Juan Huizar shares insights on adding value to multifamily properties, why he only invests in Southern California, how he cuts operational costs and more.

Western Real Estate Business

Nationwide, multifamily sales are declining, while interest rates are rising. Buyers are adopting a patient approach, leading to properties lingering on the market for extended periods. This, of course, is accompanied by noticeable price reductions. Buyers are anticipating further price drops, while some sellers are slowly becoming more realistic in their pricing. Long Beach has perennially attracted multifamily investors with more than 7,500 individual apartment buildings. This is mainly composed of older housing stock, which creates a fertile ground for investors and syndicators. Often regarded as the last affordable beach city, Long Beach — despite being overshadowed by other Southern California communities or grouped with Los Angeles — stands as a significant population and employment hub, ranking as the sixth-largest city in California….