Navigating the Challenges Facing Housing Providers (Landlords)

In this insightful interview, we sit down with John Edmond, Executive Director of the Apartment Association of Southern California Cities. We discuss the major concerns affecting housing providers today, including the challenges posed by new policies, the importance of community and advocacy, and the evolving landscape of housing regulations. Learn about the essential role of the Apartment Association and why membership is crucial for housing providers

A Century of Advocacy and Support

The Apartment Association of Southern California Cities is approaching its 100th anniversary, a testament to its enduring commitment to the housing industry. As John Edmond noted, the association is integral to the fabric of Long Beach and Southern California. It serves as a crucial platform for housing providers, ensuring their voices are heard in the policymaking process. With a general feeling of hostility toward the industry, particularly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the association’s role in advocating for its members has never been more vital.

Why Join the Apartment Association?

Membership in the association offers numerous benefits, ranging from education and resources to advocacy and community. The association provides an extensive education curriculum, including training in multifamily housing management, sexual harassment prevention, property maintenance, and market dynamics. Additionally, coaching services are available for smaller property owners who may not have access to professional property management companies.

One of the association’s key strengths is its comprehensive and up-to-date library of forms essential for conducting business. These resources help housing providers stay compliant with ever-changing regulations, ensuring that notices and other documentation are correctly issued. In an industry often misunderstood and mischaracterized, the association works tirelessly to educate policymakers and the public about the true nature of housing providers. Far from being large corporations, many are hardworking individuals and families striving to maintain and improve their properties while providing valuable housing to their communities.

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Addressing Rent Control and Policy Concerns

The discussion also touched on the complex issue of rent control. California’s statewide rent control law, AB 1482, introduced new regulations that many real estate professionals and housing providers are still grappling with. Despite the challenges, Long Beach has managed to navigate these waters relatively well, thanks in part to the proactive efforts of the Apartment Association. By maintaining open lines of communication with local officials and participating in the political process, the association has helped to keep Long Beach’s policies more balanced compared to other cities.

Future Prospects for Long Beach

Looking ahead, there are several promising developments in Long Beach that could incentivize investment and growth in the housing sector. The city has made significant strides in streamlining its planning and approval processes, particularly for affordable and multifamily housing. Initiatives like the Grow Long Beach initiative and efforts to update zoning regulations are expected to create new opportunities for housing development.

John Edmond emphasized the importance of participating in these ongoing discussions and staying informed about policy changes. By engaging with local planning processes and understanding new zoning opportunities, housing providers can better navigate the landscape and capitalize on potential growth.


The conversation between Juan Huizar and John Edmond underscored the critical role of the Apartment Association of Southern California Cities in supporting and advocating for housing providers. As the industry faces increasing challenges, the association’s work in education, advocacy, and community building remains essential. Housing providers, particularly those in Long Beach, are encouraged to join the association and actively participate in shaping the future of their industry.

For more information about the Apartment Association of Southern California Cities and how to become a member, visit their website or attend one of their upcoming meetings. By coming together as a community, housing providers can ensure their voices are heard and their interests are protected in the ever-evolving landscape of housing policy.

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