Substantial Remodel Update – June 28, 2021

Good Evening,

I have attached Councilwoman Cindy Allen’s agenda item for July 6th. Councilmembers Mary Zendejas, Suely Saro and Vice-Mayor Rex Richardson also signed on. This is a very damaging item to rental property owners that want to rehab their buildings. In addition, are the key words, “renovation administration program” which essentially means the formation of a new bureau or department and certainly more fees upon the landlord in my opinion. I will be discussing this with SPOA and others hopefully tomorrow to come up with a strategy to offset/defeat or amend this as best as possible. There is no factual data to show that this issue has been a problem in Long Beach that I am aware of.

In fact, the Development Services Department, (Planning and Building) has no definition within city code about “substantial remodels” and how many of them have taken place and evicted tenants since November 3, 2020 when the Just Cause Eviction ordinance was passed in Long Beach that had substantial remodel language in it. I am open to all strategies and ideas regarding this item. I am very concerned that this will eventually lead to a very slippery slope for rental property owners, potentially becoming what we see in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and other cities. Phone calls and emails will not do it; we need more. Please take a moment and send me your thoughts, but send them quickly as this is moving fast.

Kind regards,
Mike Murchison

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