Long Beach Eviction Moratorium Update – January 26, 2022

Good Morning Everyone and Happy New Year, hopefully, 2022 is better than 2021 from a landlord/investor/property manager perspective. I have attached the Los Angeles County Motion that was passed by the Board of Supervisors yesterday that extended the moratorium. There are specifics in the motion that you need to read closely as many of you have called or emailed me when can you evict a tenant. This vote delays the ability to evict anytime soon.

In addition, the City Attorney’s office advised me that the substantial remodel ordinance will be on the February 8th city council agenda. I will send out to all of you the staff report, so you have it. I am hearing that Legal Aid is pushing for the word “intentional” to be removed by the council from the ordinance when landlords/tenants are in court to give tenants an even better opportunity to punish the landlords financially. The council discussed this back in December and at that time decided to keep the word in, but with campaigns heating up for June election, you never know.

Finally, in a few weeks, I will send out who has filed to run, (filing period Feb 14th to March 11th) in the Mayoral, City Council and City Attorney races.

Call or email me with any questions, thanks.
Kind regards,
Mike Murchison

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