Long Beach City Council Items for June 8th and June 15th, 2021

Good Evening,

I wanted to follow up with my email regarding substantial remodel agenda item that Councilwoman Allen is considering. It looks like the item will come back on July 6th. It will call for a moratorium on all substantial remodels, (how the city staff defines that or tracks it remains to be seen) and direct city staff and city attorney’s office to look at how to address this item in the future. In addition, I have found out that it is VERY LIKELY that the County of LA will extend their eviction moratorium pass June 30th. This means that the County’s moratorium on evictions trumps any LB Ordinance including the Just Cause Ordinance which was passed back in November, 2020 and allowed for evictions by giving a 60 day notice indicating that a substantial remodel was going to be underway. The County’s moratorium essentially does not allow landlords to take advantage of the LB ordinance.

However, like all things, there has been at least one case where a landlord that owns multiple buildings in LB has issued the 60 day notice to tenants; thus causing a stir amongst tenant rights groups that say it is not allowed while county’s moratorium is in place. They have complained to Councilwoman Allen and thus the future agenda item. I need speakers on July 6th to oppose this agenda item and as the date gets closer I will give you the details.

I have also attached three items for your reading pleasure. The first one is a proposed fireworks ordinance which will penalize property owners for the actions of their tenants if caught. They are calling it social host liability. It is too late to speak for tomorrow night’s agenda item, but you can call or email the Mayor and City Council on this.

The second attachment is finally some good news – Vice Mayor Rex Richardson authored an agenda item to allow Development Services, (Planning and Building) to hire more people and bring in new software to help the department that has ben severely impacted by COVID and causing substantial delays to plans and permits.This is on the June 15th agenda.

For those of you interested in building residential in the 7th council district the Councilmember is asking for a moratorium due to lack of banks and supermarkets in his district and he wants to focus on that and not residential development along specific corridors.

Finally, SPOA and AACSC are hosting a fundraiser for Councilwoman Suzie Price on June 30th at 5:30 at the Airport Marriott at 4700 Airport Way. The contribution maximum is $400 and you will find that she is our best spokesperson on rental property owner issues along with providing well thought out arguments on issues that are important to us; please strongly consider supporting her as she is running for re-election in June, 2021.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.




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Mike Murchison

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