Richard Mark

Director of Marketing

Richard is an honorary team member who takes command of our company’s marketing efforts. Considered as the go-to-expert in real estate content marketing, he is also the Founder and Chief Consultant for Press Play Labs.

At Sage Real Estate, we proud to have grown into the highest-rated multifamily brokerage in Long Beach. We credit our company’s success to providing our clients with top-notch quality of service and world-class marketing efforts.

Email: [email protected]

Background and Notable Accomplishments

Richard’s has two true gifted talents: his ability as a visionary to perceive the “bigger picture” of plans and deconstruct systems and strategies to learn how they work to achieve their greater purpose. His passion is to change the world, one meaningful project at a time. His restless obsession is achieving rapid growth and constant improvement for the companies that he serves.

His most notable accomplishment is being credited for the exponential brand growth of real estate’s top coach, Tom Ferry, as his former Video Content Specialist and Podcast Producer.