Caleb Baldwin

Vice President of Investment Sales

CA License: DRE #02056751

Caleb oversees asset performance and provides decision-making support for a portfolio of real estate investments totaling over $100 million. With a proven background in investment analytics, asset management, and commercial brokerage, he possesses all of the necessary skills to support his clients in every stage of ownership, while guiding them to their investment goals.

Today he plays a key role for SAGE by analyzing potential asset acquisition and disposition opportunities, providing market insight and positioning guidance, modeling cash flows and deal structures, and performing due diligence.

Phone: (559) 707-2136

Email: [email protected]

Early Life and Education

Caleb was born as the third of four children and raised in the Central Valley of California, where he comes from very humble beginnings that helped him develop his strong work ethic. Anyone that knows Caleb will understand that his family and loved ones are the main motivation for his drive and ambition. 

Caleb attributes much of his success to his involvement in sports throughout his early life. Football and baseball were his favorites, and he prides himself on staying calm and collected in high pressure situations, a lesson he learned throughout his life as a quarterback and a pitcher. In addition, his athletic experience has allowed him to develop exemplary leadership and team-building skills.

His natural leadership skills continued on to California State University, Fullerton, where Caleb was chosen as 1 of 10 student board members out of over 9,000 students for the Advisory Board for the College of Business and Economics. In this role, Caleb directly consulted the Dean, as well as administrators, faculty, and staff with the aim to enhance the educational experience of his peers, increase academic efficiency, and serve as a liaison between the College of Business leadership and its students.

At CSUF, Caleb studied Real Estate Finance, adding another vital educational asset to help him better serve his clients in the future.

Career Background

Caleb has been heavily involved with all aspects of investment real estate since he was 21 years old. While taking night classes throughout college, he worked full-time during the day and was mentored by masters of the industry: Mark Malan (one of the best commercial real estate appraisers in Southern California) and Juan Huizar (one of the best brokers in multifamily and commercial brokerage).

Caleb’s heavy exposure to brokerage, appraisal, construction, development, and property management allows him to assist his clients at every stage of ownership. 

Beyond helping clients buy and sell investment properties he also:

  • oversees asset performance for his clients’ portfolios to provide strategic guidance on maximizing returns,
  • analyzes potential acquisition and disposition opportunities,,
  • guides investment asset positioning, and
  • models cash flow and deal structures

Career Goals and Purpose

He is driven by helping his clients understand the “ins-and-outs” of real estate investing, while taking advantage of the opportunity to grow their net worth, and also helping them become financially independent through real estate ownership.

As someone who recognized the importance of investing at an early age, he believes that everyone should have access to the knowledge, resources, and people that will allow them to create generational wealth, in turn enhancing their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Recognized by the California State Senate and State Assembly for Excellence
  • Advisory Board Member for the Cal State Fullerton College of Business
  • Board of Directors and youngest member in the history of the invite-only Tippers Business Network
  • Board of Directors of the Certified Commercial Investment Institute (SoCal CCIM)
  • Board of Directors for the Apartment Association of California Southern Cities (AACSC)
  • Successfully brokered the largest sale in the history of Catalina Island (Hermosa Hotel sold for $7.5 million)


Caleb enjoys staying active and loves all things outdoors, including snowboarding, surfing, backpacking, beach volleyball, golf, and much more! When he is not outside moving in his free time, he enjoys listening to music from a plethora of genres and reading literature on historical figures, how-to manuals, and self-development. 

Fun Fact: Caleb is nearly fluent in Spanish, which is something that typically catches people by surprise! He loves to see their reaction when he puts on a classic Spanish song or holds a conversation with those who least expect it.