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Long Beach Fourplex Market Update: Q1 of 2020

This is your Q1 Fourplex Market Update for 2020. As your market leader in Long Beach fourplexes, we are tracking statistics, trends, and important information affecting Long Beach fourplexes. In this 2020 Quarter 1 Market Update, we will discuss:- COVID-19 Rent Collection- Increased Long Beach 4-plex Inventory- Market Response to COVID-19- Rent...

2019 Insights and 2020 Predictions on the Long Beach Fourplex Market

If you are an apartment owner in Long Beach, an active apartment buyer, or someone thinking of investing in multifamily units, it is essential to have the necessary information to make the best investment decisions. More specifically, the market intelligence and statistics that we have compiled for you are vital in determining whether you should buy, sell, hold, or refinance. This information...

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