Congressional Race and Long Beach Election Updates – December 28, 2021

LB Congressional Race – Mayor Robert Garcia has announced that he is running for Congressman Alan Lowenthal’s seat as Alan has decided to not seek re-election. In addition, Assembly Member Christina Garcia, Dem, from Bell Gardens is running for the same seat. The election is on November 8, 2022.

Mayoral Race – Next week I anticipate announcements from current council members to run for Mayor. Councilwoman Suzie Price and Vice-Mayor Rex Richardson. I don’t anticipate State Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell to run for Mayor. The primary election is June 7, 2022.

City Council Races:

Council District 1 update – Due to redistricting, Councilwoman Cindy Allen (2nd district) has been redistricted into the 1st district. This potentially could lead to a battle for District 1 seat in June between the incumbent, Mary Zendejas and Cindy Allen, however, no formal announcements have been made yet.

Council District 3 – With Councilwoman Price anticipated to run for Mayor that will open up District 3 seat, no potential candidates have been announced yet. Again, this primary election will be on June 7, 2022

Council District 5 – With incumbent Councilwoman Stacy Mungo being redistricted out of her seat; you will see a new council person in district 5. The two known candidates so far are LB School Board member, Megan Kerr and former Harbor Commissioner, Rich Dines. I anticipate a few others to jump in as well. The primary election is June 7, 2022

Council District 7 – incumbent Councilman Roberto Uranga is seeking re-election in June, and a possible challenger is Carlos Ovalle.

Council District 9 – with Vice-Mayor Rex Richardson likely running for Mayor, there is a vacancy to run in the 9th; no known candidates yet.

City Attorney – only known candidate to run for the seat with City Attorney Charlie Parkin announcing he is not seeking re-election is Dawn McIntosh.

I anticipate full staff to return on January 3rd in LB Development Services Department, (planning, building, code inspections).

If you need any help in 2022 with a city’s planning and building department don’t hesitate to reach out. I am doing more and more work outside of Long Beach.

Have a Happy New Year, stay safe, and wishing your family and you to have an awesome 2022.

Kind regards,
Mike Murchison

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